Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Time For A... review! I tout this blog as a review of things culturally-related (tedium of pop culture to haute couture), so I need to get some more literature rocking around on here. [Also, Liam's Alternate Reality today asked about an "under-the-radar" book that you'd recommend to people and it got me thinking.]

I finished The Host at 3:30 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday morning; I read so late into the morning because once the book really ramped up, at the last 150-or-so pages, I couldn't stop, the story was so engaging. I found this book to be good, with good character development that could appeal to a wide audience. It's a science-fiction story with an alien invasion of Earth (in addition to multiple other "planets"). There's an awesome underground resistance movement from a cell of humans, and all kinds of business breaks loose when an alien/soul defect to the human alliance. There's also romance written in for those who don't think they'd like a typical sci-fi book, but it's tame and not the over-arching issue of the book, rather just sort of a side story to draw in more female readership.

Here's a review of The Host that I found from Entertainment Weekly.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to get these from the library after my vacation...

Heather said...

YEAH! You'll really like it... the last 100 pages are worth the entire book.

Twilighter said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. =D
I totally agree that Stephenie is getting better and better with each book.
All my friends say The Host is amazing, too.
So The Host it is!