Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can You Handle One More?

The title of this blog is a double-entendre (in the non-sensual sense, if that's possible). I'm asking your permission for two things: 1) Can you handle reading one more post today because I've already posted two others? and 2) Can you handle reading one book with the time remaining in this year?

If you said "Yes" to both of the above questions, then please read on.

You're still with me? Great. The reason I'm posting this is to raise awareness for a contest that a great book blogger (not the technical term for what she does as an avocation) is running over at her blog. Check out My Friend Amy's blog (she's not technically my friend in the we-went-to-high-school-together-sense of the phrase, but that's the title of her blog). If you give her a quick read, you'll realize that you appreciate what she's doing (she kind of does feel like a cyber friend) and you'd like to participate in her contest (I promise).

She's running a contest that anyone who completes the reading of one book before December 31, 2008, will be entered into a drawing for a pretty sweet prize, a $10 Amazon gift card (it could be put toward your purchase of a Kindle).

Go ahead and follow these steps:

  1. Check out Amy's blog
  2. Agree to particpate in her contest (confirm by putting a comment on the post)
  3. Read a book
  4. Write a review on your blog (if you've got one)
  5. Post another comment to Amy letting her know the review is up for the world to read

Easy as that my friends.


Jamie Moore said...

OH I read tons more books than that a year! The problem is, they are all about 32 pages and feature a fun little character named George or Pooh Bear, or as in my son's latest obsession, Giganotosaurs. But I don't think that counts does it?
I am toying with reading a book of your recommendation though. But who would read my retarded reviews? (So, like yeah! That book was like, totally awesome!)
Oh, and you can post as much as you want because I'm a blog stalker and you can pretty much guarantee to get a comment from me! :)

Heather said...

Sorry, James, the kids books don't count in this particular contest. However, if you were going to read one book of my recommendation (in addition to me badgering you about Twilight) I would suggest that you read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I just finished this (was able to check it out of the library) and thought it was really good, and I think you'd like it. I also recently read Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern (I read this for a book club I'm in at my library) and enjoyed it... I wrote up a summary/review of it right here.

By the way, I'd totally read your book review. I think you should blog because I love seeing all the great stuff you dig up on 90210, NKOTB, etc., and you're really entertaining (your perspective on the world is unique AND incredibly entertaining to read).