Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Change in Blogs

I've decided that I needed to change up my blogging style a little bit.

This blog, "What Was I Reading?" is one of a family of blogs that I will maintain, and will be your definitive source for all things related to literature and all that entails.

I am going to work on moving all of my miscellaneous blogs (those not clearly related to literature) from where they were previously housed on "What Was I Thinking?" (which is now "What Was I Reading?") to their new sites. Those sites are:
  • What Was I Listening To? (A Blog About Music... and all that is great in the ear canal, except for Q-Tips.)
  • What Was I Watching? (A Blog About TV and Movies... and everything in it's celluloid glory.)
  • What's That All About? (A Blog Dedicated to the Miscellaneous Niceties of Life... Art, The Internet, and Politics. What a fun-sounding blog!)
So, if there's an old blog you wanted to re-read (because I know you do re-read the posts) that you can't find here, then check out the other blogs.

It's my goal that this new system of providing customized content will allow people to follow only the blog posts they are interested in. If you love everything I write (books, television, music, and movies), then you'll want to sign up for all the feeds.

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