Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Feature

I'm adding a new feature to this blog (in case you couldn't tell by the title of this post). I like to call it, "Quote of the Day," (because that's original, right?).

Anyway, this feature should appear regularly (nearly every day of the work week), regardless of whether or not I post a full-length, unique "What Was I Thinking?" blog post. Additionally, this feature may appear as either a footnote to said "full-lenth, unique 'What Was I Thinking?' blog post," or its own truncated "What Was I Thinking?" blog post (with or without another full-length post).

These quotes may come from books I'm reading at the time, a great TV show I watched last night, a recent movie that's been tumbling around in my mind, some gem I picked up from the radio (all those who eschew NPR, beware), or it could take the shape of some good news from the information super-net.

To give you a sampling, here is The Quote of the Day:

"Good novels allow us to feel what the characters feel, no matter how dissimilar their circumstances and ours."

This quote is from a book review posted by Curtis Sittenfield (author of Prep and other novels) right here on the New York Times website. It's a good break down to answer the burning questions of "What is Chick Lit?" and "Can Anything Categorized as Chick Lit be Any Good?"

I'd like for all of you loyal readers to drop a comment below and let me know, if you could ask any author any question, what would it be?

[Editor's Note: I've started highlighting my tags in bold when they are referenced in the blog post... that should help to locate things if you do a search. Hope it doesn't make things more confusing.]


Jamie Moore said...

Actually I've never heard anything from NPR so....

Heather said...

Stream it online, woman. That's an order! Otherwise, how can you ever be pretencious and pretend to be better than those around you?

Jamie Moore said...

Well, yes I do need a lesson or two in pretentious-ness so I will definitely have to stream it. I guess I can do that on their website?

Heather said...

Yes, ma'am. Go to