Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking Inside

I thought I'd post a couple of photos on the blog so you can see "inside" the mind of Heather... or at least inside the bedroom of Heather.

I picked up all these books at the library last week (Beloved, A Thousand Acres, Practical Magic, The Poisonwood Bible, The Corrections, Prep). I'm planning to read all of these for the modern classics challenge.

This is my To Be Read bookshelf. (Not counting the books from the library, and two that are downstairs on a different bookshelf, I have 41 titles in the queue.)


Sabrina said...

Of the books you picked up, ive read all of them but practical magic.
good choices!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! You ready for me to send your copy of "Chasing Windmills"? When you get the book, we can set up a week to do the book chat. Are you game? If so, send me your shipping information and I'll get the book out to you.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really want to read Prep. I've heard that it's really awesome.


Anonymous said...

Where, oh where, has Heather gone. Oh where, oh where could she be?


bookworm said...

The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorite books!

By the way, thanks for choosing to floow my blog :)