Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

The Boston Bibliophile hosts a weekly meme, "Tuesday Thingers" that brings up a question about the great service of LibraryThing.com. This week's question is: "Legacy libraries. With which legacy libraries do you share books? Tell us a little about a couple of them and what you share."

Actually, prior to participating in this, I was unaware that LT had legacy libraries--post humous listings of the books in various "celebrity" libraries. There are 33 completed libraries and 35 libraries in progress, libraries range from politicos (Mary, Queen of Scotts and J.F.K) to actors (Marilyn Monroe) to scientists (Charles Darwin and DaVinci) to writers (Emily Dickinson and Ernest Hemingway) and revolutionaries (Susan B. Anthony and William Wilberforce).

I decided to look amongst the libraries of authors that are in my "To Be Read" pile, and found that I've got a little bit in common with both Sylvia Plath (TBR: The Bell Jar) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (TBR: This Side of Paradise).

Ommitting the books that are in my library from these authors, I share these books:
  • Sylvia Plath - Aspects of the Novel, Brave New World, and Catch-22
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald - Communist Manifesto and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Should I read something into this or consider myself in good company?


After looking at all the libraries (and removing duplicate titles), I have the most in common with Ernest Hemingway (whom I'm not particularly fond of as an author) with 11 matches: The Martin Chronicles, Wuthering Heights, Don Quixote, The Red Badge of Courage, Great Gatsby, Aspects of the Novel, Lord of the Flies, The Odyssey, The Communist Manifesto, 1984, and Brideshead Revisited.

I had eight novels in common with Walker Percy and Carl Sandburg. Check out all of my statistics here.


Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

You know, I had the most in common with Ernest as well!

Wow - I've just started entering my books as I just learned about this part of the site this morning! I've got 2 with Marilyn Monroe and 6 with Ernest Hemingway!

This was fun - to see the rest of my list: http://wendisbookcorner.blogspot.com/2008/10/tuesday-thingers_28.html

:) Wendi

Shana said...

Heather, I've always wanted to read The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wasn't there a movie based on that book starring Cate Blanchett?

Thanks for the link to Dawn's site - that's a ton easier than the way I did it.


Michele said...

I think you should consider yourself in good company! Definitely unique individuals and it would be fun to talk with them about their choices.

Sandra said...

What a fun question to research and answer. I think a lot of us have books in common with Hemingway. This was my first TT post and I love reading everyone's answers.