Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Life Story

So, I read this one particularly fabulous book-related blog ("People Reading") and the blog-masterette a lot of times will ask the people that she meets on the street if they were to write a book what would it be about, and about 80% of the people say it would be about their life story. (Please note that the figure of 80% is completely made up by me, but it's definitely a lot... very few people say, "I'd write a story about a shipwrecked panda who has to learn to hunt tigers and makes out with models all day.").

So, my question to you: Do you like to read people's "life stories"? Would anybody ever want to read yours?

** Note: This is a filler post to keep Sabrina off my back because I now have to start balancing accounts. Everyone can now join my in cursing my bosses and the fiscal cycle. **


Tonya said...

I think people believe their own lives are more interesting than they really are. There a re few biographies that I have found fascinating, Aleister Crowley being one, simply because their lives were so bizarre that it made for a good read. Most people forget that everyone has tragedy in their lives and you can pretty much take anyone's life story change the details and keep the outline and it will fit for anyone else. Maybe that being pessimistic but I don't think that anyone outside my family and friends would be really interested in my life story. However, I have often thought about taking an interesting part of my life and adding details, changing names, and writing a fictional story. Much more interesting than the truth!

Bluestocking said...

I can't imagine why anyone would want to read about my life.

I found you!! I was visiting blogs and I could not remember your blog address. Yeah I know I follow your blog in google reader. I kept thinking you were on word press. Just one of those days!

Sabrina said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!!

I've been behind on reading blogs... so i will cut you some slack! I still miss you and I like your filler.
I love reading about other people's lives!
Memoirs are my favorite thing to read.
If im old and have nothing left to lose i would write a tell all about my life... including family secrets!!!

sharon54220 said...

I also love reading about other people's lives. It's interesting to see what other people's lives were like.
In regards to my own life, it has been interesting to say the least, and I probably could write a book ( short maybe)