Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Remember those games you used to play where your friend started the story, and you finished it? Or the "choose your own adventure" books? Ever wanted to be a part of the story process, giving input on the character's decisions, learning how to write a book as you go? Me too!

At My Book Therapy, they love to write, and they love to teach writers how to find their voice. So, in 2009 they're opening things up to you (and me and the rest of the world) to write a book together! We'll create characters, a plot, develop conflict, the black moment, the epiphany and finally... the happy ending. Then, week by week, you'll be a part of the creation process, voting on the next step of our hero's journey, watching the book take life, and learning the nuances of crafting a story. You'll Blog-a-Book with the My Book Therapy authors and get tools to help you write your own novel.

Then, at the end of the year, we'll have a book we've all created, something that we'll publish! And, best of all, the proceeds will go to support IJM, an organization that fights human trafficking around the world.

(Check out the site here... you want want to miss too much more, they've already started developing the story and picking out main characters.)

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