Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Review: So Not Happening

Title So Not Happening
Author Jenny B. Jones
Genre YA Commercial Fiction
Rating C+

Summary If you were to judge by just the first couple of chapters of this book (which you can read here), you'd think this was the story of Bella Kirkwood, a New York socialite who's parents get divorced and then she has to move to Oklahoma with her mom (who remarries), but it's so much more. Bella (under duress) joins the school paper and gets all up in the middle (oh so literally) of a serious situation at her high school.

First Line "One year ago my mom got traded in for a newer model. And that's when my life fell apart."

Review This book got on my nerves so thoroughly throughout that I had to force myself to keep going, but I persevered and it ended up being... not bad.

The plot started off ridiculously slow, but picked up at the last fifty pages (enough to get me to pick up the next book in the series... I'm such a sucker for a series).

The reason this book was a C+ (slightly above average) was because at times (albeit rarely) the dialogue actually made me laugh out loud. Literally. Not text speak. Literally laughing out loud. Want an example? Okay... here's a scene where Budge (Bella's high-school-aged step brother) is bidding Robbie (Bella's first-grade-aged step brother, Budge's actual brother) a good day at his first day of school:

"[Budge] stands beside his brother and holds out his fist. Robbie hits it with his own. 'Make me proud today, Robmesiter. Keep your hands to yourself and remember rule number one above all things.'

'Don't discuss politics.'

'No, the other one.'

Robbie nods. 'Don't eat glue.' He drops his chin. 'It's my weakness,'" (p. 27).

Robbie was my favorite character. If you're looking for a funny, clean, quick read with a good plot, decent characters, and some funny dialogue, you might want to pick this up. Note: I had to pick this up at my Christian book store, so keep that in mind (or get it online at your favorite online realtor) if you want to get it.

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