Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tease of a New Sort

I don't have either of the books I'm currently reading with me (currently), so I'm going to post a new sort of tease... I'm going to tease you into reading the review I'll be posting later today for Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before by David Yoo.

"'You're pathetic,' Ryan said. 'You're an emotional rapist, and you don't even know it.'
'If you didn't have cancer Mia would hate you, and all these people wouldn't be blindly worshipping you, and you know it!'" (p. 297).
This book is hilarious (Making fun of a kid with cancer? Classic.). Here's the summary from the flap jacket copy:

"If Albert Kim has learned one thing in his tragic adolescence, it's that God (probably a sadistic teenaged alien) does not want him to succeed at Bern High. By the end of sophomore year, Al is so tired of humiliation that he's chosen to just forget girls and high school society in general, and enjoy the Zen-like detachment that comes from being an intentional loser.

"Then he meets Mia Stone, and all the repressed hormones come flooding back. Mia, his co-worker at the Bern Inn, is adorable, popular, and most intimidatingly, the ex-long-term girlfriend of Ivy-bound, muscle-bound king of BHS and world class jerk, Ryan Stackhouse. But -- chalk it up to the magic of Al's inner beauty -- by the end of a summer vacuuming hotel rooms and goofing off together, he and Mia are officially 'something.'

"Albert barely has time to ponder this miracle before the bomb drops: Ryan has been diagnosed with cancer, and he needs Mia's support, i.e. constant companionship. True, he's lost weight and he’s getting radiation, but that doesn’t make him any less of a jerk. And to Albert, it couldn't be more apparent that Ryan is using his cancer to steal Mia back.

"With the whole town rallying behind Ryan like he’s a fallen hero, and Mia emotionally confused and worried for Ryan, Al’s bid for love is not a popular campaign. In fact, it's exactly like driving the wrong way on a five-lane highway.

"In this desperately funny novel, David Yoo tells an authentic story of first love, and therein captures the agony, the mania, the kicking and screaming that define teenage existence."

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Sounds like an interesting book! I love the frog on the cover. :)

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