Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Review: Carter Finally Gets It

Title Carter Finally Gets It
Author Brent Crawford
Genre YA Commercial Fiction
Rating A+

Summary Will Carter is getting ready to start high school and he couldn't be less prepared. He's obsessed with girls, but everything about them makes his latent stutering come back. He gets some action, but screws it up (like he does pretty much everything). But through it all, Carter will learn a lot... and he just might finally get it.

Review Have you ever read a book that, as soon as you were done with it, you wanted to start right over and read it again? That's what reading Carter Finally Gets It was like for me. I laughed so hard. It was so funny, so real. The characters so perfect that I didn't want it to end. The author's website is and I hope (hope, hope, hope) that the "S" on the end of that website address means there are more books to come. I want to read about Carter's sophomore year, his junior year, his senior year, and college. I'd probably read about Carter in his golden years if Brent Crawford would write it.

But take heed: the back of the book warns readers that, "This book contains lewd humor, underage drinking, illicit fantasizing, and very bad decision-making." that it does. And then some. But the hilarity is worth it.

Recommendation Fans of YA fiction with fun and charismatic guys as the protagonist, such as David Yoo's books, will enjoy this.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that sounds like so much fun that I'll probably have to get it! I had never noticed that book before, so thanks! :)