Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday: Home to Holly Springs

Today's Teaser Tuesday post comes from the book Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. I'm currently reading this book as my July book club selection, and let me just admit that that is the only reason I'm reading the book... I'd never have picked this book up otherwise. However, I am enjoying the reading a fair bit.

This book is a spin-off series from Karon's wildly successful Mitford series. Father Tim Kavanaugh receives a mysterious note, "Come home," and decides to return to the place of his birth--somewhere he hasn't been in decades--to hunt up old friends and face old demons.

Today's teaser quote:
"Though he knew the story like a book, his heart was beating faster. 'Then he sort of just crumpled over and fell down. Dead as a doornail.' Right here, he could never keep from feeling kind of sad," (p. 249, Large Print Edition).
I'm about half-way through the book and have found it to be... charming. The Southern setting is quaint (and a bit anachronistic to me), but she's switching back and forth in time, using lots of flashbacks to fill out Father Tim's back story, and I find my interest waning from time to time (depending on the flashback).


Book Bird Dog said...

Southern books are always interesting as I've never lived there! Nice teaser. Mine is up!

kiirstin said...

Stepping outside the reading comfort zone is always an interesting experience. Karon's really popular at our library; maybe I should try this one.

Mary said...

I liked this series!

Anonymous said...

Good teaser - makes you want to know what happened.

Margot said...

I've liked some of the Mitford books. Sorry this one isn't that great for you.

Book Bird Dog said...

I tagged you for the I Cannot Tell a Lie meme that is up on my blog. Hope you can participate for the fun of it!