Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Finds

I have quite a few books to put up here on my Friday Finds post, but it's not really my fault. I was un-computer-able last Friday because I was gone chaperoning my nephew's band camp. So here are two weeks worth of finds:

I checked out Boy Toy (Barry Lyga) and Something, Maybe (Elizabeth Scott) from the library. Both are second (or third) YA novels by authors I've previously read and somewhat enjoyed. I already finished Something, Maybe (review forth-coming this weekend), a quick read about a girl who's family takes the shape of something Hugh Hefner might spawn and it's associated confusions. I just started Boy Toy last night and am already enjoying the voice of the narrator. It's an unconventional plot of a guy who was seduced by his 7th grade teacher and now she's back (while he's navagating the already-confusing world of high school graduation). Good Times.

I picked up King Dork (Frank Portman), Gone (Michael Grant), The Accidental Mother (Rowan Coleman), and Marshmallows for Breakfast (Dorothy Koomsman) as relatively spontaneous purchases last week. King Dork was a quick YA read that I grabbed at the book store because the first chapter of this book about a high school junior who finds his dead father's old copy of Cather in the Rye and unravels a mystery involving dead people, religion, naked people, rock bands, and mayhem was told in a voice that really grabbed me. Gone is another YA read about a small town in California where all of the adults suddenly vanish and the teens left behind have no contact with the outside world. It's the first in a series and the book starts off-bam!-with the action.

The Accidental Mother and Marshmallows... are both books that I'd seen around for a while, I'd picked them up and put them back down in the book store (probably more than once each) and decided to finally take the plunge. Both are relatively similiar stories of single women who are living complex lives, but they find themselves suddenly having to care for other people's children--in Accidental... it's the adoption of the protagonist's childhood best friend's daughter after the death of the mother; in Marshmallows... it's a relationship with her landlord (and his two seven-year-old twins).

What did you find (in the past two weeks)?


Mary said...

Both Accidental Mother and Marshmallows... sound great! Nice finds : )

Jess said...

Wow -- you found some great books. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly said...

I love the title, Marshmallows for Breakfast! Nice finds!!

gautami tripathy said...

The Accidental Mother sounds good to me!

Here is my Friday Find

Crystal said...

These all sound really good. I've had Accidental Mother on my list but the others are new to me.

Kristen said...

Great finds this week (and last). I too want to read Boy Toy!

Charlie said...

Thanks, LC, for visiting my mixed bag blog again.

My reading tastes are a mixed bag, too--having just finished Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!, I'm now in a mystery phase:

Found during the past two weeks:

Rain Gods, James Lee Burke

The Price of Blood, Declan Hughes (Irish author)

Slip of the Knife, Denise Mina (Scottish author)

All She Was Worth, Miyuki Miyabe (Japanese author for Challenge)

Blue Heaven, C.J. Box

Well, you asked!

mandy said...

I really liked Boy Toy when I read it. The way the subject matter is handled is well done. Have a good weekend!