Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Alive!!

I am back from the dead, returned, to try and get this blog up to date.

I've been pretty slacker-ish about updating (obviously!) for a number of reasons. The primary reason, though, is not something that's going away any time soon. (Nor is it something bad.)

I got a part-time job as a book seller at a book store (of all places) and I'm pretty stoked. Yeah, yeah, I still have to work "the day job" in research, but I get to spend my nights roving the stacks, helping lost souls connect with the perfect book. Actually, tonight I had the EXTREME pleasure of helping a lady order 11 back-listed titles from the Little House series for her granddaughter for Christmas. That was pretty boss. I loved helping her find the books that her granddaughter, who is in second grade and had spent two hours pain-stakingly writing out her Christmas list by hand, had requested. The woman hadn't been hopeful to find them when she came in, but we got 11 of 14, and I gave her the hook-up for how to search the used dealer network for the out of print titles. Cool-ness abounds in book stores.

The other fantabulous perk, the thing that solidified that I'd gladly take a $25K pay cut per year to work in book retail full time, was the fact that on the first night I scored an ARC of The Maze Runner by James Dashner from the store's buyer. I've been wanting this book for a while. Sure, sure, with the two jobs and trying to keep up on everything else (including allocating copious amounts of time for playing tennis on Wii) it'll probably be months before I have a chance to crack it open, but still, that's pretty cool, no?

All that to say: I'm still here, still fitting in reading whenever I can, and I'll still do my best to post new content (reviews and the what-not) on a regular basis. I am sad to report that the Weblog Love on Wednesdays feature is going to take a bit of a hit. I'll get back to posting it weekly, but I think I'm going to have to pare it down to (perhaps) the one best weblog thing that I consumed from the previous week (rather than all the goodies). Sorry about that.

But enough of this, I've got an audio book that needs reviewing.

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Kelly said...

I am SO jealous of you right now! I've always wanted to work in book retail. Or in a library. Doing just what you describe: helping people find the right book. Sigh.

I'll have to live vicariously for now. Please keep us posted on stories from your bookselling foray!