Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weblove Love on Wednesdays

The voices of Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness (of Books on the Nightstand) are "buttery," in so much that they're easy to listen to (at work) and they always butter me up to put lots more titles on my To Be Read list.

I'm getting caught back up on my backlog of BOTNS podcasts (see, I'm not just behind on blogging... I'm behind on LIFE), and listened to Podcast #57, "Wrap Up Some Good Fiction."

I've often been a fan of the Best American... story anthologies, but listening to them talk about the blogging process that Eggers and the panel of high school students went through in putting together the ...Non-Required Reading anthology really got my attention.

As did their treatment of Best American Comics 2009, Best Food Writing 2009 and Best Music Writing 2009. That's a lot of good writing that I need to read.


Marie said...

I love The Best Nonrequired and Best American Comics books- so much fun! :-)

Michael Kindness said...

"buttery".... thanks!!!