Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weblog Love on Wednesdays

I love graphic novels and comics (in theory). I don't personally read a lot of them; I've read some (and thoroughly enjoyed them), and (more important in my opinion) take opportunities to extol their virtues to others, lending them credibility as part of literature.

For example, a friend from college is mother to two boys in the preschool set and she got a book via the Preschool's Scholastic program--highly recommended, per her recollection--but was dismayed when it was delivered and she found it to be "a comic." She didn't immediately throw it in the rubbish bin, but, rather, tried to read it with her son and didn't really know how to. So me, being the amazing friend and literary type that I am, gave her some online resources about the book (good reviews, etc.) and some tips and tricks for "how to" read the book with her son. I encouraged her to tackle the book differently than you might a "typical" book, looking at and discussing/interpreting the pictures to beef up her sons' visual comprehension skills (and memory skills and lateral thinking skills and...). Anyhoodle, after this brief comic-pep-talk from yours truly, she was a changed woman.

See? I really do like graphic novels and comics. So much so that today's Weblog Love on Wednesdays post is an homage to this effect.

Travis at 100 Scope Notes posted a video of the iPad's comic/graphic novel application and things look sweet. Thank you, Marvel Comics!

[If you're getting this via email, you won't be able to see the video. Click the link to go to 100 Scope Notes to view it.]

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