Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Review: Lady Macbeth's Daughter

Title: Lady Macbeth's Daughter
Author: Lisa Klein
Genre: YA Literary Fiction
Rating: A-

140-Character Summary: Retelling of Macbeth from a POV that is not in the play--Macbeth has a daughter who is abandoned and left for dead. Slight twist to ending.

First 140 Characters: "The nameless baby lay on the cold ground, wrapped in a woolen cloth. An owl hovered overhead and seem to hold a shred of cloud in its..."

140-Character Review: Good book. Better pacing than Ophelia. The plot twists enhanced the story, but I'd like to see what she could do when sticking to the play.

Hogwarts Challenge Notes: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Lots of murder (with a "mystery"), Wars, and Self-Defense

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