Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Being Well-Rounded

I have been reading an excellent book, Why We Read What We Read by John Heath and Lisa Adams. This book was written after the two authors (a previous author and teacher/editor, respectively) undertook a research project to determine what the best-selling books in America (from the Publisher's Weekly and USA Today best seller lists) tell us about the American psyche.

I have found the book to be interesting and irreverent (which is why I found the book to be interesting). These individuals obviously love books and reading, but they know that many who claim to be "readers" do so without well-formed ideas about what we should be reading to better our minds, bodies, society, etc. The Barnes & Noble website includes reviews from Publisher's Weekly, which not surprisingly is under-whelmed by the text, and the Library Journal, which not surprisingly recommends the book to every public library's collection.

If nothing else, a read of this book might cause you to re-think before you read.

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