Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Knew Vampires Were So Awesome?

Alrighty, so it's been awhile since I've put finger to keyboard in the blogging sense of the phrase. I felt it was necessary to re-visit some previous maxims that I had put out into cyber space and introduce the world (of my limited blogging community) to new concepts.

Read the first part of this blog post (that has to do with television) over here at the "What Was I Watching?" blog.

Finally, on to something new (to me): Stephenie Meyer. Now, if you've read anything by Stephenie Meyer, then I've probably already said enough in this paragraph for you to be thinking, "Dude, you're right, she's the most awesome author of our time." And I would say back to you, "I know, right?" But... if you haven't read anything by her, let me school you a bit. I stumbled onto her writing because I read something on the Information Super-Net about how her book series for teens was the hottest thing ripping up the NY Times list. So, I decided to take a little peek. When I went to B&N, I rationalized that I was going to buy the first book in the series (currently totaling three books published, with another two on the way) as an exercise in working with children--it would provide me another opportunity to "connect" with them on their level. I asked the sales lady what ages this book was directed at, and she asked me, "Are you buying it for yourself?" And (in the most egregious display of a guilty conscience ever) I said, "No, I'm buying it for my niece... she's thirteen." The lady goes on to explain that it's an appropriate book for tweens and young teens; the look she gives me while she's talking tells me that she can smell my lies (and embarassment). Anyway, I decide to buy the book and made C.J. come to the counter with me to buy it (he wasn't happy about that because he didn't want to be associated with reading some book written for chicks). The shame that was rolling off both of us was palatable. To bring an end to this story, that purchase was made on Friday evening, and I went back on Saturday to buy books 2 & 3 because I was already done with #1. I read book #2 on Sunday, and then read book #3 on Monday and Tuesday (I didn't have as much time to read... otherwise, it would have been devoured in about a 12-hour period). I started reading through the series again, and read them all another 2 times in a 10-day span.

I was kind of worried that maybe my love of this juvenile fiction could be misinterpreted as evidence that I was immature. This past Friday evening I purchased Meyer's latest book, The Host, which is intended for an adult audience. It too is awesome. I wish I weren't at work right now so that I could be reading. It's as if this book is Stephenie Meyer's way of saying, "It's not you, it's me," to me. It's not my fault that I loved a teen fiction series so much that I read about 1,500 pages worth of material three times in 2 weeks... it's her fault.

That being said, go buy Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and The Host. Also, pre-order Breaking Dawn (Book #4 in the series) while you're at it.

This photo is from the upcoming movie adaptation of Twilight to be released on December 12, 2008... what a great birthday present to me!

Sorry, this photo was stolen from somewhere on the website. Go ahead and sue me.


Anonymous said...

you can see the trailer to Twilight here:

What will I be when I grow up? said...

That trailer was in QuickTime. If you don't have that... you can check it out here.