Friday, August 15, 2008

Biggest Cop-Out Ever

Seriously, I have now found the biggest cop-out in the history of the world, and I have some proof for you.

WARNING: Back story alert!

Okay, so the book Breaking Dawn was awful--bad writing (character development and plot were essentially a non-event in this book) and bad editing (commonly-accepted rules of English grammar and dialogue were also a non-event in this book). For more on this, check out the message boards at and

Anyway, the author is asked about this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and she reports that the reason the book has been so negatively received is because the fans' expectations were too high and too varied. Not because her writing and the editing wawful (and the fact that she admits in part 3 of the interview that she writes sans a greater purpose for her work).

Way to go, Stephenie Meyer--you are a complete and total sell-out. Well done! Kudos! You deserve more advance payments on books that are sub-standard! (You're a shining beacon for the English Department at Brigham Young University! Way to go alumnus! Steve Young would be proud of you.)

Check out the videos here: Entertainment Behind-the-scenes videos.


Twilighter said...

Aw, I didn't think it was that bad, but I am young and not quite aware of what great writing is, I guess. Though, I did think her writing had improved significantly from her other books, Twilight and New Moon especially. Eh.

Jamie Moore said...

Typical! Her writing sucks but it's not her fault! Her readers have high expectations! What EVER! You know I'll have to read it though just because it's part of the series. She must know that so she assumed the last one didn't have to be great because hard core twilighters would read it anyways! She's sinister!

Heather said...

Sinster is right.

(Twilighter, glad you're back.)