Monday, October 6, 2008

Quote of the Day

Today's Quote of the Day comes from someone else's blog (because which of us isn't looking to jack from someone else from time to time?). Booksquare responded to a NY Times article about the end of the publishing industry as we know it. She writes:
"You don’t know what’s going on in the life of a Danielle Steel reader — just found out she has cancer, just developing the habit of reading, just learning English, just wanting to escape into a story because it feels so good — and negative attitudes about the Danielle Steel reader is what will kill New York-attitude publishing."
Unfortunately, that is so me (not that I read Danielle Steel novels, but that I judge people who read Danielle Steel). I should just be glad that people are reading--exercising their minds in some way. Although it's not what I'd choose to read, it's not wrong.

Are there any closet Danielle Stell fans out there? Any book fetishes you want to admit? Put your confessions in the comments.

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Jamie Moore said...

I've never read Danielle Steele but I did have a couple of steamy books back in the day that I got from somewhere...and quickly got rid of them! haha!