Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a Stinking Stinker...

... Who has been neglecting her blogs.

I can admit that I have been avoiding you guys which helps you feel less neglected, right? A little bit? Not at all?

Alright, I confess I have been ignoring the loyal readers of "What Was I Reading?" because I've been working on my novel, Freshman Failures. (Which you'll notice via the handy-dandy thingamajig on the right-hand sidebar that my word count is above 60K... it's higher than that now, I just haven't updated that in a bit. Also, my current page count is at 227.)

So, I thought I'd share a breif (albeit, incredibly unedited) excerpt for you guys. Read it and let me know what you think... questions are at the bottom of the excerpt.


EDIT: I've removed this excerpt. For an excerpt (that's a little bit more edited... not too much though), check out my website.


Having read that, are you less jealous or more jealous about my protracted absence from the blog? Hungry for more? Bothered that you spent 3-5 minutes reading it?


Jamie Moore said...


Sabrina said...

Ahhh... Very nice Heather! I love the line: Unaware to Holly, it was as if this sense of monotony was a serendipitous set-up, a cosmic joke, intended to lull her into a sense of complacency that would create a vortex of emotion on this life-changing day.

I can't wait to read more!

Ali said...

I think it's a really nice draft. You do a great job showing Holly's initial numbness and emptiness after receiving the news.

One suggestion: I'd end the chapter after Not now? Holly stood up, picked up her bag, and walked away. What did that mean, Not now?. You want to leave things up in the air a bit, to tempt the reader to start the next chapter instead of putting the book down at the chapter break. And with that as your ending, what reader wouldn't keep reading to find out what Carter meant?

The summary of the next 3 weeks can go in the beginning of the following chapter. Or, better yet, start the next chapter in scene and fill in that information as needed.

Congratulations on finishing the draft! Yay, you!