Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Noontime Book Chats: Chasing Windmills

Sorry, I'm getting this up a little late--I was conducting some interviews (none of you are looking for a job as a research tech in Indianapolis by the way, are you?).

My question/comment/thought for discussion today is in regard to the depth of the love between Maria and Sebastian/Tony. I don't think I've ever had a love experience that was that deep--before you even know someone's name you're willing to chase windmills out to California with them.

Had you ever had an experience like that? How did that affect your reading of the story? Did you feel it increased the "fantasy-like" aspects of their relationship? Did it make them seem more or less sympathetic?

Discuss, ladies. Discuss.

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Anonymous said...

My problem here is I don't if that is really love. Of course, maybe I don't really know what love is. Humans can spend a lifetime never really understanding the true meaning of the word. Let's say they hadn't come from such tragic backgrounds. When they have spotted each other would they have felt the same? Would there have been that jolt of electricity? I wonder.

But to answer your question, yes and no. Sure I have felt that way, but the other person didn't. It's the story of my! ;)

Heather said...

Aww, that was sad. But you've got a great husband now, right?

naida said...

thats a good point j.kaye, I do think that Maria and Sebastian were drawn to each other because of thier tragic backgrounds.

But I also believe in fate, and I'd like to think that two people like this may have still been drawn to each other no matter what.

They are very young and inexperienced as well though, and that can account for thier intense feelings, especially Sebastians. I found Maria to be more mature.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I agree that you don't really know the true meaning of love sometimes, but then again.. I don't know. I think love comes in various forms and it's different for everyone.

i've never experienced something like sebastian and maria are, but i do like reading about it and thinking that it would be amazing if something like that would be able to happen.

and they are both going through a lot and they definitely connect in that regard, which is a form of love...i think they need to get to know each other more though, you know?

they love each other, but are they IN love with each other? I don't think they can be yet.

I love reading about it though, like i said. it's great and magical and just lovely and they really are saving themselves.


Book Zombie (Joanne) said...

This aspect of the novel seems really intriguing to me. The depth of love can be based on so many things - lust, common interest, background, and the inexplainable way you are sometimes drawn to certain people.

In elementary school I connected with a boy, we quickly became best friends and our relationship lasted into out twenties. We were both intense about our relationship and would have done anything for one another. We never dated, never kissed, but considered ourselves soul mates. We were 'home' to one another (pretty kitschy I know) so we decided to give it a go - not a good idea. We were better as friends and learned you can never go 'home' again.

Because of this I adore reading stories where characters have deep connections.