Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Non-Famous Writers

Okay, so I don't know if you're anything like me (if you are, pat yourself on the back, you lucky little duck) in that you can kind of go on benders where you get a wee bit obsessed with something. Do you ever do that? No? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, a while back I was on one of these little rages about the characters in Twilight (this would have been last July) and I started reading these Fan Fictions. I know that I'm an old lady who still has a hard time understanding how to use internet search engines and stuff, but I seriously did not know that there was this whole culture of people who took beloved characters and put them in different (and sometimes original) situations.

Anyway, I have one particular author who is by far, hands-down, no doubt about it the absolute best fan fiction writer, Princesswingnut. She takes characters who don't get a lot of attention in the books in the series canon and writes these amazing chapter fictions about them.

Check them out:
  • South - A Jasper-inspired fiction (imagine if Edward hadn't been able to hold Jasper back in the beginning of New Moon and he'd had to run away... back to the dirty south)
  • East - A Leah-inspired fiction (imagine if Leah is tired of being the bitch, as in the female dog, of the pack and decides to take a vacation and meets the most fantastic characters ever. Think real werewolves in England and a guy who will make you ask, "Edward, who?")
  • North - An Embry-inspired fiction (imagine if Embry goes on an epic journey that brings together packs and clans and so much more... this one's still in progress and, while I was reading South and East I'd have never imagined I'd be able to find something better, but I love this one even more)

She's planning to eventually round out the compass with West, and I'm voting for a Rosalie-inspired fiction. (If only because she writes in a way that makes you absolutely fall in love with the characters, and I'd like to have my opinion about the fair Rosalie changed.)

Check her out! (Also, vote for her in the Fan Fiction awards.)

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