Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love a Challenge

Last year I became aware of the huge numbers of books that get banned or challenged from public libraries and schools. Now the Pelham Public Library (in the great northern neighbor, Ontario, Canada) is hosting their 2009 Banned Book Challenge. They have a seriously long list of banned/challenged books (I believe this is a Canadian list, which will differ from the one compiled by the American Library Association).

Banned Books Week in Canada runs in early March (later in the fall here in the States), but I've signed up to participate. I'd read a fair number of the books on the Pelham Library's list, but committed to read another three before the end of their contest. I chose The Watchmen, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, and The Kite Runner. Those are all already on my TBR bookshelf, just asking to be read (actually the first two asked to be read during last year's Modern Classics Challenge that I technically finished).

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