Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've been very YA SciFi Series-tastic with my reading and reviewing lately.

  • I recently reviewed the first two books in the Gone series by Michael Grant. (By the way, he messaged me on Goodreads.com and there are six books planned for this series. Book #3 Lies is "in the can" [with some trouble in store for Brittney... I lamented and he may try and fix things up for her in Book #4].)
  • Today I'll be getting up the review for Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer (Book #1 in the The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series). I just started the second book in the series, Ninth Grade Slays, and I should be able to finish and pop that review up shortly.
  • And last night I finished the first book in the Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters, which I'll be reviewing later this week.
So, it shouldn't be surprising that I'm pimping out Jenna Likes to Read's The Hunger Games give-away. Skip on over to Jenna's blog to sign up (today!!) for the contest. Sorry about the late notice, but I just found out today as a result of her awesome teaser that she posted. But when it comes to this fantastic YA dystopic series, better late than never is my mantra!

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