Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds

I am going to heed the advice of many a wise book blogger and highlight only one book--my super duper, most favoritest book of the wee--on my Friday Finds post.

This week that fantabulous honor goes to An Off Year by Claire Zulkey.

Cecily has always done everything as she was supposed to: taken the right classes, gotten the right grades, applied to the right colleges. But after a lifetime of following the rules, she surprises everyone by arriving for her freshman year of college... and turning around. There are infinite possibilities for Cecily’s unexpected gap year. She could volunteer, or travel around the world--but, for now, Cecily is content to do absolutely nothing. What follows is a year of snarkily observed self-doubt and self discovery during which Cecily must ask herself, for the first time, what does she really want to do with her life?

Here are some tid-bits that may push you over the edge toward adding this debut book onto your TBR:
* Check out the post on Forever Young Adult that brought this book to my attention. This highlights some of Zulkey's ideas for other YA books she could write if this one doesn't pan out. (I'm just saying that the idea of Are You There, God? It's Me, a Sparkly Vampire, and the opportunities for frustration that result because vampires don't menstruate, is something I'd probably read.)
* Read more of Zulkey's high-larry-us writings at her website.
* Read the first chapter of An Off Year at (That's what did it for me. I loved Cecily's voice.)
How about you? What rocked your bookish socks off this week?


Jo-Jo said...

I love the cover! It just made me laugh! My find is here.

Mary said...

Love the cover! Sounds like it could be a good book!

Claire said...

:D thanks for ye olde shoute oute