Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weblog Love on Wednesdays

So, clearly, I am an awful person with no sense of responsibility and/or virtue because: 1) I failed to post a Weblog Love on Wednesday post last week; and 2) I do not have a copy of the Weblog Love on Wednesday logo on ye olde computer to accompany this post. I'm sorry.

To make up for these grievous oversights, I'm going to give you lots and lots of links of love this week:

1. Laura C. at Combreviations

She posted an excerpt from a NYT article about the difference between war memoirs during the days of the draft, as compared to contemporary war memoirs. If you've ever enjoyed a war memoir (think Jarhead by Swafford or Generation Kill by Wright), then read her blog and then the full article. If you're not in that camp, then read Jarhead (because you obviously haven't read it yet--you can't read it without enjoying it and wondering about the larger implications of war/armed forces, etc.).

She commented on the recent banning of lots and lots of books from the Texas prison system. Lest you be confused about the character of Ms. Laura C, I quote, "Guys. I'm sorry. There are 89,795 titles on the approved list. Maybe my heart doesn't bleed enough here, but if you're in prison, you give up certain rights. Like your freedom, but also your right to read whatever the eff you want." A serious topic with the classic Combreviations irreverence.

2. Kay at The Infinite Shelf

Kay posted a garden-variety post about books that she'd recently received (her "Filling the Shelf" twist on "In My Mailbox," etc.). I'm not necessarily rushing out to grab any of these goodies, but I was delightfully surprised by the number of romance novels she was able to gather that didn't have disturbing covers. I tell you the truth, folks, I've developed a theory (after shelving many books in the romance section of the bookstore where I work) that shirtless Scotsmen are the best lovers. I have absolutely nothing to base this claim on despite my unscientific summary that there are a lot of romance novels featuring bare-chested MacHotties on the cover. (I also find it quite coincidental that the romance publishing houses have the best business plan for embracing the e-Reader market... perhaps because their readers are embarrassed about carrying the raunchy paperbacks with them in public.)

That, my pretties, is all of the link love that I have in store for this week. Stay tuned for more fabulousness in the weeks to come.

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