Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Review: The Vinyl Princess

Title: The Vinyl Princess
Author: Yvonne Prinz
Genre: YA Literary Fiction
Rating: A+

140-Character Summary: Girl has a job at a music store. Her opinions of her mom, her friends, guys, and the world all evolve in time with the literary soundtrack.

First 140 Characters: "I sense him in my midst. The air seems to thin when he's near me. I get light-headed. I don't even have to look up but I can't help myself."

140-Character Review: Prinz's passion for music was clear and, although that's not my passion, it stirred my own passions. Good characters, dialogue and conflict.

140-Character Recommendation/Market Placement/Entry Point: Fans of YA books that 1) Use music as a motif to tell a story (King Dork) and/or 2) Expose you to a new passion (In the Break).

Read the write-up that inspired me to read this book.

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