Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Review: The Financial Lives of the Poets

Title: The Financial Lives of the Poets
Author: Jess Walter
Genre: Literary Fiction
Rating: A+

140-Character Summary: Middle-aged man loses his job as a journalist after an ill-fated turn as a financial advisor/poet. Tries to provide for his family with pot.

First 140-Characters of the Book: "Here they are again-the bent boys, baked / and buzzed boys, wasted, red-eyed, dry-mouth / high boys, coursing narrow bright aisles / hunting..."

140-Character Review: Humorous tale of middle-aged male ennui. Redeeming narrator caught in a tough spot with a conscience. Don't be worried, it's not all poetry.

140-Character Recommendation/Market Placement/Entry Point: Fans of Nick Hornby who have grown up and want their characters to have grown up too. Fans of Tropper who want their books sans R-rating.

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