Monday, September 12, 2011

BBAW 2011: Monday

Welcome to the start of something wonderful: Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011. I do very much appreciate all of those in the book blogging community who have helped me to get wider exposure to the beautiful body of literature.

Today's meme theme is, "Highlight a couple of bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for you..." I'm going to grab a couple of the sample prompts that the BBAW group provided and feature three bloggers who have helped me in one way or another.

1. First Comment

I am ashamed to say that the first book that I reviewed, nay fawned over, was Twilight in 2008. What can I say? At the time, I was smitten with a summer crush who later left me quite unsatisfied. But, that doesn't deny the fact that Liam (of Liam's Alternate Reality) was the first person to comment on a post. He proved the fact that someone was reading the drivel that I was putting out into the 'sphere. Liam doesn't appear to be blogging now (no post since 2009), but he still claims a little piece of my history. Even if he is now history.

2. Most Recommendations

In doing a quick scan of the books that I've read and reviewed (157+), the blogger(s) who recommended the most were the fellas over at The Enthusiasticast... [which is really a podcast] with 5: The Financial Lives of the Poets, The City & The City, Daemon (with Freedom), and His Majesty's Dragon. I also read and loved (but was too lazy to review Masked, which I really should review because it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E). This is in addition to the other books I have bought, but not yet read, because of their recommendations (Matterhorn, The Brief Wondrous Live of Oscar Wao, All-Star Superman v.1, Machine of Death, and The Stars My Destination). I also bought Shop Class as Soul Craft as a gift, based on their recommendation. Those guys are money in the bank.

3. First "Freebie"

I've received a few freebies, although not many, which makes them all the more memorable. Thanks to J. Kaye Oldner for the book Chasing Windmills. You were my first.

Thank you so much to the bloggers, podcasters, readers, writers, editors, agents, publishing house staff, book store sales people, librarians and library staff, and pick-packers ('cause we buy 'em from the 'net now too) for all you do to help make reading so awesome.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vibing on This Book

Yikes-o-rama, have I just finished reading the best book ever, or what? Literally. Just finished reading a true gem of YA genius and (I remind you, this is literal) jumped up off my bed to post this blog because the book is so stinking awesome. The book? Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway.

Trust me, I realize that I'm so painfully behind the times that this book is out in paperback and Benway has another book out that I haven't read yet, and everyone else in the entire world has already blogged on this book, but I still have to. Have to.

Because it's that good.

Think: (King Dork + Vinyl Princess) * 9,000,000 pounds of awesomeness. That is roughly the equivalent of Audrey, Wait! Trust me, you need to read this book. Now.

I've read two other YA books since my last blog post, but I'll refrain from mentioning them because, even though they were "cute", they didn't touch Notes From the Blender and they don't touch Audrey, Wait! Seriously.

By the way, and as a bit of an homage to the book, I feel compelled to tell you that, as I'm typing this up in a flurry of this-book-is-so-good-that-I-must-blog-before-I-lose-any-glimmer-of-the-joy-that-is-bursting-from-my-heart blogging, I'm listening to Weights & Measures by Hyland. Goodness all around on the album, especially records 4 and 5.

Enjoy the book(s) and music, fat cats.
(P.S. Did you notice that I didn't really tell you what the book was about? At all? Yeah, just trust me: you need to read it.)