Monday, September 29, 2008

Typing Versus Reading

B&B Ex Libris, a fancy-schmancy book blog that you can check out by clicking on the well-placed link have started a movement. I expect big things out of this. It's the "Kill Word Verification Movement."

This movement seeks to reduce and/or eliminate the necessity of word verification in comments. I concur, seeing as how I never get spam, I'm going to remove the word verification from ALL of my blogs (which is a nice gesture on my part, I do think).

Drop a virtual comment about your thoughts on the "Kill Word Verification" movement. Go ahead and go crazy comment-wise, you won't need to waste unnecessary key strokes with the pesky verification.


Dewey said...

I never used to have word verification in my blog, and this resulted in a lot of spam EMBEDDED in seemingly valid comments getting through into my blog. And because of that, Google dropped me. This cut my daily unique visits in half, and kept people from finding my blog via google searches.

bethany said...

YAY!! Super cool!!!
I have never used word verification at all...and I am on google like crazy. I would just delete a comment if it looks suspicious :) as in:

"try this great tea, click on my link"

or something like that!!!!
Thanks for joining the movement :) hope it really does well for you!!!

bethany said...

and seriously you are too sweet...I am not fancy at all :)