Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Selling Fiction Chart

This morning I was going to write up how I have been flabbergasted for some time (probably four weeks) that Breaking Dawn was still listed in the #1 spot on the Entertainment Weekly Best Selling Fiction chart in the magazine I got this weekend. I have been honestly surprised that the book is still selling that well.

Anyhoo... I went to to try and figure out the source of their stats and, lo and behold, Breaking Dawn has been broken! Finally Oprah's book club selection (aka, the Sure Fire Bet to getting to the top of the charts), The Story of Edgar Sawtale, is ranked #1.

Although I'm pleased about this shake-up in the charts, it puts me in a bit of a sticky whicket. I have been meaning to read The Story of Edgar Sawtale ever since it was recommended in my local library's "New Fiction" email blast a little bit back, but I'm still #60 in the queue for them to loan the tome into my hot little hands. The "sticky whicket" part of this situation is that I despise Oprah Winfrey and her book club (although I like the idea that she gets people reading, I hate her book club because it is tainted with Oprah-ness). I don't like to read books on her book club's list (at least not until some time after the hype has settled down) so as to not be associated with Oprah--I also try to find versions of the book that don't have that stupid "Oprah's Book Club" logo on them.

I'm irritated at Oprah for having stolen Edgar away from me... cheapening him (making him all commercial and stuff). My dislike of this situation has now tainted my joy of seeing Stephenie Meyer knocked off her pedestal of immortal children and broken dreams.

(By the way, for the nerds reading this, EW posts the Publisher's Weekly charts, which are based on the previous week's sales. Additionally, factors such as whether data from only chains v. chains, independents and wholesalers v. chains and independents only is collected influence the various "Best Seller" lists.)

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