Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Final Solution

Answers, answers everywhere! Okay, so like two weeks ago I wrote this blog proclaiming my fear of autographs. The next day I posted this blog as a possible solution to my sticky scenario. The second blog elicited feedback that the author might not be 100% down with that little situation. Anyway, I sent an email to said author, John Green, and here's the response I got:
Yes, I very much think you should go, and I am happy to sign that printed out blog post (or anything!). The important--and most fun--part of the event is the reading/talking about books/answering questions part, anyway. Hope to see you in Indy!

Best wishes!
What a wonderful guy, all willing to email back and forth with demented fans. He's great! (And I have my answer straight from the horse's mouth.)

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Bluestocking said...


Yes Nicolas Flamel was mentioned in Harry Potter. There was an actual man named Nivooas Flamel who lived during the 14th century. He really was an alchemist. Rowling borrowed him for her story.

No this book is not related to Harry Potter in any way. I reviewed the first book in this Series on Monday. It's the post entitled the Alchemyst.