Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds

There weren't a ton of Friday Finds this week... all impulse buys at the store.

Hunger by Michael Grant: This was a major impulse. A couple of weeks ago I picked up the book Gone, read it this past Monday, and made an emergency run on Monday night (at 9:30 p.m.) to pick up the second book in the series, Hunger. [I finished Hunger on Tuesday and you can read my reviews of both of these fantastic YA SciFi books right here.]

Pretty Tough and Playing With the Boys by Liz Tigelaar: I've looked at this series of YA books about "girly-girls" who play sports and aren't afraid to get rough and tumble (and see how it affects their social life) a couple of times before, but never committed. But last week I had an extra $15 bucks and picked up both in paperback... I've started reading the first in the series and it's a pretty good story with a strong female protagonist (but also not the greatest thing I've ever read, but it was only $15, after all).

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer: Again, an impulse buy at the book store because I had an extra $8 to blow, and this book (the first in a series) about an eighth grade vampire--who is neither sparkly nor a gentleman--seemed like something different. [I'm tired of vampire books trying too hard to make vampires not be vampire-ish.] Plus, I'm a sucker for reading female authors doing the voice of a male teen--I have so much to learn for my own writing. Here's to hoping it's an educational experience.

What about you? What did you find this week?


gautami tripathy said...

I think you did buying those books!

Friday Find: Prince Rupert's Teardrops

Jess said...

These all look so great -- fantastic finds!

Crystal said...

I have the Vladamir Todd book on my wishlist, and I'm going to have to add the Pretty Tough and Playing With the Boys. Hunger sounds good also - so these may be jumping into hands at the bookstore later today.

purplg8r said...

Great finds...Hunger is on my WL